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Dave's Weird Video Trading Page

Here is a list of the weird videos I have for trade:
e-mail with all trade requests.
The items on this page are for trade only.  see Home page for rules.

1) Shocking Asia
-(1974) A mind twisting chronicle of alien rituals and ceremonies in the remotest areas of the mysterious East.  "Not for the faint hearted." 

2) Mondo Magic
-(1975) A nightmare visit into the world of primitive practices.  A bizarre journey into the realm of the barbaric and animalistic.  "uncut! Uncensored! Untamed!"

3) Pierced and Painted
    -(1993) A documentary chronicle of the ancient customs of tattooing and body piercing that has made a popular resurgence in the 90's - close ups of genital and nipple piercing, nudity, must be 18!

Wrestling stuff

  1. Highlights of WrestleMania - (1986) with Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, Rowdy Roddy Piper, King Kong Bundy & more

  2. WWF SummerSlam - "The Greatest Hits" - (1994) Bret Hart, Undertaker Mr. Perfect & more

  3. I Like To Hurt People - (1985) movie starring The Sheik, Andre The Giant, The Butcher, Ox Baker, Dusty Rhoades, and more....


  1. Skateboard Superstars (1987) - 26 minutes

  2. License to Skate - (1990) - Fundamentals, Featured Pro Skaters (30 min.)

  3. Skateboard Superstunts (1987) - 26 minutes

  4. Thrashin - OOP movie

  5. Bones Brigade video

For more weirdness, check out my Drug related videos page.
And then of course there is my Betty Page.
And don't forget cartoons.
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e-mail with all trade requests.