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Dave's Betty Page/adult Trading Page

Here is a list of the Betty Page and other adult videos I have for trade:
e-mail with all trade requests.
The items on this page are for trade only.  see Home page for rules.

1) The classic films of Irving Klaw starring Betty Page

2) Striporama Vol. 2
- A fabulous collection including Candy Barr, Betty Page, llona & more.  See "A Strip in the Streets," "The Golden Tease," "Dance of All Veils," "Strip Ahoy," "Polka Dot Strip," Exotic Rhythm" and more.  (B&W, 50 min.)

3) Betty Page
    - Sometimes blurry or grainy, these rare videos are virtually all that survive of a genuine cult legend -- direct from the old 8mm film loops

4) Back to Back Betty Page Classics

5) America's Pinup: Betty Page
    - Captured for home use, here is the beautiful Betty in a slew of films tat feature all of her charms.  See Betty in scanty lingerie, watch her do her famous "clown dance" and see a bad Betty get spanked, (B&W, 50 min.)

6) Irving Klaw Films
    - 17 silent cinematic essays in restraint, instruction, specialized garb and apparatus

7) Betty Page On Film
    - 11 silent Irving Klaw shorts featuring Betty Page

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e-mail with all trade requests