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Assorted Music Compilations
     Assorted TV, Movie, Cartoons, Oddities, etc....     Assorted Live Boots & remix CD's
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  More music videos - rare and OOP
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Assorted Music Compilations
video MTV's Headbangers Ball w/ Lita Ford Concert, 3/11/89
video MTV's Headbangers Ball w/ Black Sabbath guest host, 5/6/89
video MTV's Headbangers Ball w/ Michael Monroe guest host, 11/11/89
video MTV's Headbangers Ball - date unknown
video Sony Danspak I - 5 early 80's videos (weird)
video Sony Danspak II - 6 early 80's videos  (Jim Carroll, Michael Musto ...)
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Assorted TV & Movie - VIDEOS
link Cartoons & Kid's stuff - Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, 
     uncensored, Superman, eighties & more
link Television and Movies
link The Simpsons and South Park - rarities
link Howard Stern
link Drug related videos - Reefer Madness, Weird World of LSD, and more
link Serials
link Weird Videos - & wrestling
link Adult & Betty Page
link Clive Barker & Horror
video Star Wars Holiday Special, 1978 w/ original commercials
CD-R 910 Em-ulated Nintendo & Sega classic video games
CD-R 1500 Nude Celebrities
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Assorted Live Boots & mixed CD's (artists without their own listing)
CD-R 2 Skinnee J's - Sing, Earthboy, Sing + 3 live tracks
CD-R 2 Skinnee J's - 7/14/97, Lawrence, KS - rated 8/10 
CD-R 2 Skinnee J's - 12/06/98, Pocatello, Idaho - rated 7/10 
CD-R  Ani Difranco, Barcelona, Spain, 3/22/99, A+
CD Black Uhuru. "Live in New York" OOP release, A+
CD-R Bob Marley - Studio Outtakes '73-'80
CD-R Bruce Springsteen, Asbury Park, NJ, 3/18/99 (2 CD's)
CD-R Bruce Springsteen, NJ, 8/11/99 (3 CD's)
CD-R Chemical Brothers, Get a Mix Nonstop Megamix
CD-R Chemical Brothers, JJJ Radio Session
CD-R DJ Shadow - 10/3/97 & 12/6/97
CD-R Fatboy Slim, Avalon, Boston, 12/09/98
CD-R Garbage "Stupid Girls Don't Come" - studio rarities
CD-R Grateful Dead, Cornell, 5/8/77, Ithaca, NY (3 CD)
CD-R Hole, "B Girl," assorted B-Sides & Live
CD-R Hole, "Courtney Act," assorted Studio sessions & live
CD-R Jamiroquai, "Ultimate Rare Tracks"
CD-R Korn, Melbourne, Australia 1/1/99
CD-R Kraftwerk - Tribal Gathering, 1997 sndbd
CD-R Kraftwerk, Ultra Rare Trax (remixes)
CD-R LIVE, "I Alive," USA 1994
CD-R Madeski, Martin & Wood, Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA 4/30/99 (2 CD)
CD-R Madeski, Martin & Wood w/ John Scofield, Den Haag, 7/11/98
CD-R Madeski, Martin & Wood, Waterloo Records, Austin, TX, 11/26/96
CD-R Morcheeba, "Nancy 97", France, 7/97
CD-R Morcheeba, "Rastatt 98", Germany, 10/23/98
CD-R P. J. Harvey 6/24/95 + more,"Love Me, Polly" A+ cover art
CD-R Slipknot - 1st album, demos, & unreleased
CD-R Smashing Pumpkins, "Secrets of Your Dreams,"
    Germany, 4/7/96 (from MP3) A
CD-R Sublime,"Black Album" - demos, live recordings & Snoop Dogg
CD-R System of a Down, Paris, 5/24/99
---- See also: Remix Compilations
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Beastie Boys<--- click for track lists
video Cameo Theatre, Miami Beach, FL, 5/29/92
CD-R Original License to ILL
CD-R Def Before Dishonor
CD-R Demos and Outtakes II
CD-R Ultra Fly Tracks
CD-R "Can't, Won't, Don't Stop"
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Beatles, The
CD-R "Unsurpassed Demos"     cover    back
CD-R The Complete Christmas Collection
CD-R Live At the Hollywood Bowl (2 CD's)
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Bjork <--- click for track lists & cover art               BAD TRADER ALERT
CD-R B-Sides & Rarities 1
CD-R B-Sides & Rarities 2
CD-R B-Sides & Rarities 3
CD-R B-Sides & Rarities 4
CD-R B-Sides & Rarities 5
CD-R B-Sides & Rarities 6
CD-R B-Sides & Rarities 7
CD-R B-Sides & Rarities 8
CD-R B-Sides & Rarities 9
CD-R B-Sides & Rarities 10
CD-R B-Sides & Rarities 11
CD-R Fireworks - compilation, A  cover art
CD-R Bjork - 1977 1st album
CD-R Tappi Tikarrass - Miranda
CD-R Tappi Tíkarrass / Bitiđ Fast ě Vitiđ  1982
CD-R Ding A Ling A Ling, Sugarcubes, Finland, 1989
CD-R Gling Gló / Live at the Hotel Bórg 1990
CD-R The Sugarcubes Hit the North Atlantic 4/13/92, sndbd
CD-R live Debut, New York 1993 + Sugarcubes - A
CD-R Manchester, England 1993 + Sugarcubes 1989 - A
CD-R Aarhus, Denmark, 9/9/93
CD-R The Girl From Outerspace, Los Angeles, CA, 11/19/93
CD-R MTV Unplugged London September 1994- A
CD-R Enjoy - Unplugged, white room, jools, & totp
CD-R Comeback - USA 1994 & Sugarcubes 1991
CD-R Toronto, Canada, 8/7/95 - A
CD-R Beauty & the Beast, 8/7/95, Toronto
CD-R Cirkus, 10/7/95, Sweden
CD-R Hyper, 10/10/95, Rotterdam - A
CD-R The Outer Limits: assorted live, '96-'97 - A
CD-R 11/20/97, Homogenious, Vega, Copenhagen
CD-R 5/12/98, Hammerstein, NYC
CD-R 5/21/98, Warfield, San Francisco, CA
CD-R live in Cambridge 1998 - from European Radio Broadcast - A    related link
CD-R Ole', 8/9/98 Spain
CD-R live in London 9/28/98 - Radio Broadcast (also known as Neon Hunter) - A
CD KUKL - "The Eye", for sale, click HERE to purchase
CD KUKL - "Holidays In Europe," for sale, click HERE to purchase
video May 11, 1998 - Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
video May 12, 1998 - Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
video Vessel, OOP official video release
video Pink Pop concert, Bjork Documentary 1998 (55 min.),
          Tibet Freedom Concert San Fran 6/16/96 (25 min.)          
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CD Rapture remixes - 7 versions & 1 "Call Me"
CD Maria remixes - 4 versions
CD-R 2/23/99, NYC, Town Hall
CD-R 5/30/99, Warfield Theatre
video Best of Blondie
video Blondie Live - their last concert, 1984 release
video Deborah Harry on the Muppets
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CD Black Aria - classical music
CD "Sacrifice" - 6 versions
CD-R Evil Live, The Palace, Hollywood, CA, 7/7/89
video Sheffield England, 1988
video Samhain & Misfits assorted
video Misfits compilation
video (the Ritz, NYC, 11/93, 30 min) & (Allentown, PA, 7/7/94, 35 min.)
   & (Philadelphia, PA, 10/15/96, 35 min.)  B quality shows
video Satanika - animation based on Verotik comic book
video Danzig, 1990 videos - available for sale - click here to buy
video Lucifuge, 1991 videos
tape Misfits "Hate Breeders" 1983 - FM broadcast
tape Danzig - 3/1/89, 5/7/88 and 6/29/89
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David Bowie
video "Glass Spider," OOP 1988 release
video "The Video Collection," OOP 1993 release
video homemade TV compilation
CD "Sound + Vision" Bowie vs. 808 State - 4 versions
CD "Earthling In the Sky" - 1997 6 track internet promo.
CD-R Complete Dallas Rehearsals Vol. II w/ Stevie Ray Vaughan   cover1  cover2
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Dead Can Dance
video Montreal, 7/13/96, 103 minutes, Theatre Maisonneuve
video Amsterdam, Holland, 11/04/90, 110 minutes, Carre Hall
CD Disk 4 of OOP This Mortal Coil Box Set - "original versions"
CD-R "Hidden Gems" - assorted rarities
CD-R Rare Studio Tracks
CD-R Gothic Spleens, Hamburg, 10/26/90, A
CD-R Mystical Rain
CD-R Sinful Gardens,  San Francisco, 11/15/93
CD-R Europe, 2/22/87
CD-R The Golden Age" - live 
CD-R Lisa Gerrard solo, Los Angeles, 10/25/95 (2 CD's)
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De La Soul
CD More Supa Sweet Stakes baby - 6 song maxi single
CD Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa b/w Keeping the Faith
     -6 versions of Keeping the Faith, 2 versions of ...Santa
CD-R B-Sides and Remixes    cover
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Duran Duran<--- click for track lists
CD Violence of Summer remixes - 6 versions + Throb instrumental
CD-R Arcadia - Heaven's Eyes - 10 various remixes
CD-R Strange Behavior I - b-sides & remixes    front   back
CD-R Strange Behavior II - b-sides & remixes
CD-R Nite Romantics - remixes
CD-R Master Mixes & More - b-sides & remixes
video 1986 Home video
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Fiona Apple
CD-R Sweet Angel - live date?
CD-R Sweet Apple Tracks - assorted live
CD-R Skeleton Songs, Los Angeles, CA, 12/16/96  front  back
CD-R Dose Yourself - various 1997 live
CD-R Feeling Like A Criminal 3/17/97, San Francisco, CA
CD-R Bad Girl - 10/27/97, Toronto, Canada
CD-R Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, 11/8/97  front  back
tape KROQ 10/13/96
video Howard Stern 5/23 &15/97, Much Music Spotlight, Shadowboxer, Much Music Break This 
video Sleep To Dream, VH1 Fashion, 120 minutes, SNL, Across The Universe, 95 Letterman, ABC,
 Never is a promise, Criminal, 97 Letterman, Buzzbinn 96, 98 Grammys, MTV Live 
video 7/9/97 Tempe AZ,   11/22/97 Sessions W. 54th,   7/97 MTV Unplugged
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Fun Lovin Criminals
CD lots of different singles
CD-R Paris Theatre, London 08/03/98 FM A (no set list)
CD-R Oster Rocknacht, Norway 04/04/99 BDCST A-
tape Vredenburg, Holland, 11/17/96, A
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George Michael<--- click for track lists
video "Faith," 1988 OOP official release
CD "Star People" - 5 versions + 1 live song
CD-R remixes
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Guns N' Roses
CD-R "Make My Day" - rare studio outtakes, demos, & live recordings
CD-R "Patience" - live from CBGB's & the Ritz
CD-R The Ritz, NYC, 2/2/88 (from MP3), sounds good though
CD-R Unplugged
CD-R "Cover of Love" (covers, live rarities, outtakes)
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video The Next Mutation
video Trenton, NJ, 6/88 65 min + 20 min. promo movie + interview
video appearance on Jerry Springer
video Philadelphia, PA, 1990
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video Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park - 1978 OOP movie
video TV Collection, 1974-1976
video TV Collection 1976-1978
video TV Collection, 1979 Dynasty
video Detroit, MI, 1975
video Japan, 4/2/77
video Houston, TX, 9/1/77
video Largo, Maryland, 7/8/79
video Crazy Nights Tour in Japan, 1988
video New Years Eve 1996
video Rock Am Ring Germany, 1997
Life of Agony
CD-R Early Demos
CD-R "Colder Than Ever," Buffalo, NY, (12/1/94)
CD-R Waldrock, Bergum, NL (6/29/96) & Lowlands Festival, NL (8/22/97)
CD-R Live compilation '94 - '97 (includes 8/24/97 show)
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Madonna <-- click for track lists & cover art
CD-R Remixes of Light - The Ray of Light Remixes      front    back
CD-R Special DJ Remixes Vol. 2      front    back
CD-R B-Sides & Remixes 1
CD-R B-Sides & Remixes 2
CD-R B-Sides & Remixes 3
video Sex video (staff only video/unreleased/coincided w/ Sex book)
video Arsenio 1990, Letterman 1995, American Bandstand 1984, Solid gold 1985, MTV awards 1998
tape 1990 Blond Ambition & 1993 Girlie Show
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Massive Attack
CD-R Denmark, Roskilde Festival, 06/28/96
CD-R Austria, club Brussels, 11/27/98
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Mazzy Star <--- click for track lists
CD-R "The Other Side" - B-Sides & Rarities
CD-R Velvet Compilation (2 disks) (live stuff)
CD-R Clay Allison - Unreleased studio songs. (pre-Opal)
CD-R OPAL - Early Recordings
CD-R OPAL (with Hope) Bloom Club, Mezzago Italy,  3/24/88 (2 CD's)
CD-R Kendra Smith - The Guild of Temporal Adventurers - Post Opal
CD-R Rainy Day - David Roback, Kendra Smith & paisley underground- all covers more info
CD-R Club Lingerie, LA, CA 08/25/90 (60 min) AND
   Going Home (w/ Hope),  Texas Records, LA, 09/22/85 (20 min)
CD-R Woody's NYC 8/9/90
CD-R NYC, 11/13/90
CD-R Black Sessions, France, 10/25/93 (70 min) - A quality radio broadcast
CD-R Maxwells Hoboken, NJ, 11/6/93
CD-R The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA, 10/18/94
CD-R The Metro, Chicago, IL, 11/12/94
CD-R Islington Union Chapel, London, UK, 11/4/96
CD-R The Black Cat, Washington DC, 12/04/96
CD-R Boulder Theatre, Boulder, Colorado, 12/10/96
CD-R Slim's San Francisco, California, 12/21/96
CD-R Mogul's LA, CA, 3/21/97
video 1995 ABC in concert & 1994 MTV Europe
video includes 2 live shows & numerous videos & TV appearances
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CD-R "Ultra Rare Trax"
CD-R "Covering 'Em II" - various covers, mostly live 
CD-R Rarities '92-'96 - Demos, Outtakes, & live
CD-R Garage Days ReRevisited + Demos
CD-R "Life Before Death Vol II" - 12/12/84 + early demos
CD-R 12/29/99, St. Pete, Florida, (2 CDs)
video Fan Can 1 - 45 min. various clips 1996
video 1994 Woodstock, NY (100 min) ProShot
tape cassette, '82 -'83 demo outtakes
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Michael Jackson
CD "Stranger In Moscow"- 6 versions + "Off the Wall" J. Vasquez mix
CD "Scream" - 5 versions + "Childhood" from Free Willy
CD "You are Not Alone" - 3 versions + Scream louder + Megamix
CD-R "Live & Dangerous," 2 CD's
video live - from HBO
video "The Legend Continues," OOP 1988 release
video Oprah Interview
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CD-R "Outcesticide 1" - studio & live rarities
CD-R "Outcesticide 2" - more studio & live rarities
CD-R "Outcesticide 3"
CD-R "Outcesticide 4"
CD-R In Extremis -"Nirvana remixed"
CD-R All Acoustically - all 1993 live stuff
CD "The 'Priest' They Called Him - w/ William Burroughs
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CD limited edition "Blue Room", - 3 versions of Blue Room & 1 Assassin
CD Orbscure Trax - promo only - 7 remixes
CD-R Aubrey Mixes
CD-R Peel Sessions I
CD-R Peel Sessions II
CD-R Morphology, 1991-93, rare studio mixes
CD-R Ultra Rare Trax, 1989-91
CD limited edition "Adventures beyond the Ultraworld:
             patterns & textures version  The Soundtrack"
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Pet Shop Boys
CD "Where the Streets Have no name" maxi single - 5 tracks
CD "Can You Forgive Her" - maxi single - 5 versions
CD "Bilingual remixed" special edition - 9 tracks
CD-R "Forever in Love," 12/11/94, Rio De Janeiro, soundboard
CD-R "Live Wires," 6/9/91, London, soundboard
CD-R "Remix Collection 1"
CD-R "Art of Remix"
CD-R "Classic Techno Remixes"
CD-R "Prize CD"  -(remixes)      cover    back
CD-R "You Are Always on My Mind" -(remixes)
CD-R "For Boys Vol. 1" - (remixes)
CD-R "Alternative Discography - The Remixes"
CD-R "DJ Remixes"
CD-R "Disco2Bonus, ZYXmegamix, JapBilingual" - 3 disks in 1
CD-R "Very Remixed"     cover    back
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Pink Floyd<--- click for more info. 
video Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon overdubbed
CD-R "Animals" trance remix
CD-R "Meddle" trance remix
CD-R "Wish You Were Here" trance remix  
CD-R "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" trance remix
CD-R "Dark Side of the Moon" trance remix
CD-R "Atom Heart Mother" trance remix
CD-R Absolutely Ambient - "The Ultimate Remix Collection"
CD-R Outakes From Outer Space
CD-R "From The Other Side" 
      Demos/Outtakes from Dark Side Of Moon (51 min), A+
CD-R Rarities (2 CD's)
CD-R Earls Court, 10/15/94, 23 tracks, (2 CD's), A+
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Portishead<--- click for more info.  & cover art
video Pro-Shot, Bizarre Fest, 8/21/98
video Dallas, Texas, 85 minutes, 3/26/98
video Roseland, NYC, OOP official release 
CD-R B-Sides & Remixes (Trip-Hop Reconstruction)
CD-R Non-Album Tracks {similar to above}   cover     back
CD-R Mansfield, MA, date?, A++ 
CD-R Forever, 4/11/95
CD-R Seattle, WA, 4/17/95 (also known as "Mysterious Heads")
CD-R Only The Lonely, 1997, NY + Jools Holland
CD-R Desolation Row, 1998 live compilation
CD-R Wiesen, Austria, 1998
CD-R Rehearsals, live tracks, & Berne 7/17/98
CD-R Bizarre Festival - Koln, 8/27/98
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CD "Eye Hate You" maxi single - 4 versions
CD "Thieves in the Temple" maxi single - 3 versions
CD-R Unreleased Remixes
CD-R 12 inchers Disk 1
CD-R 12 inchers Disk 2
CD-R 12 inchers Disk 3
CD-R 12 inchers Disk 4
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video "Greatest Hits", 1992 OOP release
video "Classic Queen", 1992 OOP release 
video "Magic Years" Vol. 2, 1987 OOP release
video Munich Germany, 2/11/79, Proshot (45 min)
video Hammersmith Ballroom, 1979, Proshot (40 min)
    AND Much Music special, Proshot (25 min) 
     AND Vh1 8 track flashback special (30 min)
video Rainbow Theatre, England, Proshot (60 min)
video 1973 - 1986 Rare Live Video Compilation, Proshot (60 min)
CD-R You're My Best Friend, '75 - '79 live compilation
CD-R Royal Rarities (3 CD's) (47 tracks)
CD-R The Ultimate Queen Back Catalogue Vol. II - (remixes)
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CD-R "Data Complete" 4/13/96, A+
CD-R Live at the 10 Spot, 12/19/97 NYC 2 CD's
CD-R Live at the 10 Spot 1 CD
CD-R "Unplugged" - various live
CD-R "Oxford Angels" - B Sides
CD-R "Oxford Devils" - various live
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Remix Compilations (artists that are listed no where else)
CD-R INXS remixes
CD-R Peter Gabriel remixes
CD-R Cure remixes
CD-R Erasure remixes
CD-R Depeche Mode Remixes 1
CD-R Depeche Mode Remixes 2
CD-R New Order - Technique Remixes
CD-R U2 - Pinapple Remixes for Propaganda
CD-R U2 - Kiwi Remixes for Propaganda
CD-R U2 - Melon Remixes for Propaganda
----- see also:  Techno/Dance/Remixes assorted
----- see also:  assorted boots
----- see also:  specific artist listings
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Saint Etienne
CD-R "The Corbett Collection" - remixes & B-sides
CD-R 6/2/99, live at the Fillmore, California
CD "Hug My Soul" maxi single - 5 versions + 2 non-album tracks
CD "Nothing Can Stop Us" maxi single - 5 versions + Speedwell
CD "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" maxi single - 4 versions
CD "Who Do you Think You are?" maxi single - 8 tracks
CD "Who Do you Think You are?" 2 remixed songs on here
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Soundtracks (see also Tangerine Dream)
CD Liquid Sky, original OOP soundtrack
CD Rocky Horror Rarities, OOP CD release
CD Rocky Horror international, OOP CD release
CD Sid and Nancy, original OOP soundtrack
CD Breakin', original OOP soundtrack
CD The Bounty - Vangelis 2 CD lim. edition soundtrack
CD-R The Shining
CD Complete Blade Runner - rare Gongo release soundtrack
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Tangerine Dream
CD-R Live! Improvised! Reims Cathedral 12/13/74 (2 Cd's)
CD Thief Soundtrack
CD Legend Soundtrack
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Techno/Dance/Remixes - assorted
CD Sven Vath, "An Accident in Paradise" remixes - 6 versions
CD Billie Ray Martin, "Your Loving Arms" - 5 versions
CD Bille Ray Martin, "Running Around Town" - 5 versions + 1 Y.L.A.
CD Jaydee, "Plastic Dreams" - 5 versions
CD MC 900 Ft Jesus w/ DJ Zero, "Truth is Out Of Style" - 4 versions
CD Funky Green Dogs, "Fired up!" - 6 versions
CD Moby, remixes - "Go" (6 versions), "Next is the E" (6 versions), 
                & "That's When I Reach For My Revolver" (1 mix)
CD Ace of Base, "All That She Wants," - 4 versions
CD Ace of Base, "Cruel Summer" - 5 versions
CD Donna Summer, "I will go With You" -9 versions
CD Whitney Houston, "Step By Step" - 6 versions
CD Dolly Parton, "Peace Train" - 6 versions
CD Shania Twain, "You're Still the one" - 5 versions
CD Engelbert Humperdink "Release Me" Remixed - 9 versions
----- see also:  remix compilations
----- see also:  specific artist listings
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Tori Amos <--- click for video description
CD-R Live 4/9/94 A-
video compilation
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video "Pre-Millennium Videos" w/ live footage
CD's ("Christiansands" maxi single = 4 tracks), ("Tricky Kid" maxi single = 3 tracks),
("Broken homes" w/ PJ Harvey = 3 tracks), ("Pumpkin" maxi single = 4 tracks)
CD-R "Switch On, Switch Off" - 95 & 96 radio broadcast & remixes (65:55) A+
CD-R "Made in Bristol" (71:19) A+
CD-R 11/6/96, Paradiso, Amsterdam,  (60:49), sndbd, A
CD-R 1/16/97, Toronto, Canada
CD-R 4/23/98, Elysee Montmarte, sndbd
CD-R Leeds UK Town & Country 5/4/97 (61:50) A+
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Type O Negative <--- click for track lists and cover art
CD-R Type-O Rarities
CD-R Stone Flowers - more rarities
CD-R Regrets Forgive Us - rarities compilation
CD-R I Still Know You're Fucking Someone Else - rarities compilation
CD-R Summer Breeze - live & assorted compilation
CD-R Live Cries, B-Sides, Sui Sides
CD-R Live, Rare, and Hard
CD-R Slower, Deeper, Harder, live & unreleased
CD-R We Suck, NYC, 3/26/93
CD-R Happiness I Cannot Feel... 8/93 Los Angeles & NYC '89
CD-R Blood Melting Extremities, Sweden 1994 (almost same as Even Snow..)
CD-R Even Snow Dies, Europe 1994 (almost same as above)
CD-R Express Yourself Say Yes, Germany 10/16/1994
also known as: Suicide is Self Expression
CD-R Fate, Ode, Sodomy - 7/15/95 Jones Beach, NY
CD-R Steel O Dick, 1996 Hannover Music Hall
CD-R OzFest, Arizona 1997
CD-R Rusted Crowbar, State College, PA, 1/15/97
CD-R Emerson Theatre, Indianapolis, IN, 3/2/97 (2 CD's)
CD-R Toronto, 6/6/97 (2 CD's)
CD-R Bizarre Fest., Germany, 8/22/99 (2 CD's)
CD-R NYC, 9/9/99
CD-R 1st Blood, Cleveland, 9/29/99 (2 CD's)
CD-R Live at the Metro, Chicago, 10/4/99
CD-R Green Light over Albany, NY, 11/12/99 (2 CD's)
CD-R Colloseum, Munich, Germany, 12/14/99 (2 CD's)
video Carnivore, Brooklyn, NY 1986 (44 min.)
video Brooklyn, NY, 3/23/90 (85 min.)
video Brooklyn, NY, 7/20/90 (65 min.)
video Rhode Island, 10/16/91 (60 min.)
video Lamours, Brooklyn, NY, 1993
video Montreal, 1/26/97 (93 min)
video Everything Dies video + interview(14 min), Nosferatu (75 min.) 
video "For When It Rains" - 2 MTV videos from Bloody Kisses
video After Dark, OOP 1998 official release
video  Nosferatu - available for sale, click HERE for info.
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CD-R Poisonous - Guest appearances, demos, and remixes (73:04) A+
CD-R Shadow Realms - More guest appearances, demos, and remixes (69:29) A+
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MORE assorted Music Videos (Rare and OOP)
video Pat Benatar - "Hit Videos", 1984 release
video Hole, Australia, 1/23/99, pro-shot, Courtney topless
video Jimi Hendrix - "Jimi Plays Berkeley" Live 1970, 1984 release
video Jimi Hendrix - "Johnny B. Goode, 1985 release
video Black Sabbath - 6/19/78 & Bent Club & 10/25/75
video Twisted Sister - "Come Out And Play", 1985 release
video Twisted Sister compilation
video Motley Crue bootleg, Ann Arbor, MI 1985 (90 min.)
video Poison compilation (eighties)
video EBN - Emergency Broadcast Network, 1992 limited edit. release
video The Beatles Live in 1964, 1985 release (20 min)
video 3rd Bass, The Cactus  1990 release
video Korn, "Who Then Now," 1997 release
video Neil Diamond, "Love at the Greek"
video Eurythmics, "Sweet Dreams (The video album)"
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references available upon request.
email with your trade requests.

This CDrTrading Ring site is owned by  Dave

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This Video Tape Trading Ring is owned by Dave.

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