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Dave's Pink Floyd Trading Page

Here is a detailed list of the Pink Floyd that I have for trade:
e-mail with all trade requests.
The items on this page are for trade only.  see Home page for rules.

1) Video, Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon overdubbed 
- you've heard about it, now here's your chance to see it.  All the work has been done for you.  Instead of the original sound of the movie, you hear Dark Side of the Moon.  For more info, check out this link:

2) CD-R, Animals Trance Remix
-this is the album Animals gone techno.  Very nice.

3) CD-R, Meddle Trance Remix
-this is the album Meddle gone techno.  Very nice.

4) CD-R, Earls Court, 10/15/94, 23 tracks, A+
       Tracks include:

  1. Shine On, High Hopes

  2. Take It Back

  3. One of These Days

  4. Wish You Were Here

  5. Keep Talking

  6. Another Brick In The Wall

  7. the whole of Dark Side of the Moon

5) CD-R, From The Other Side" Demos/Outtakes (51 min)

  1. Time (Alternate Version)

  2. Brain Damage (Alternate Version)

  3. Us and Them (Alternate Version)

  4. Nick's Boogie (Outtake)

  5. Finigal's Cave (Outtake)

  6. Rain in the Country (Outtake)

  7. Brain Damage (Quad Mix)

  8. Pigs on the Wing (8-Track Version)

  9. Comfortably Numb (Demo)

e-mail with all trade requests
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