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Dave's Howard Stern Trading Page

Support Howard, and make sure to check out his new show coming soon to FX!
 Son of the Beach

Cast of Son of the Beach
"FX has ordered production of six episodes 
of the half-hour and plans to launch the series in the first quarter of 2000."
FX Networks

Here is a list of the Howard Stern videos I have for trade:
e-mail with all trade requests.
The items on this page are for trade only.  see Home page for rules.

1) Butt Bongo Fiesta video

2) New Years Rotten Eve 1994 video

3) Howard Stern: Miss America & E! Studio Live w/ Howard cast (together on one tape)

4) Howard Stern on the Phil Donahue show 1994 & Snoop Dogg on the E Show (together on one tape)

5) Negligee and Underpants Party video

6) U. S. Open Sores video

e-mail with all trade requests

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