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Welcome to England's own
Mr. Men & Little Miss Bookshop

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Feel free to browse our excellent selection of your favorite Mr. Men & Little Miss books, and other items, by Roger Hargreaves. Prices are in pounds, but you may order from any country!

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1) Mr. Men Books: regular series
2) Little Miss Books: regular series
3) More Mr. Men: join the Mr. Men in their further adventures
4) More Little Miss: The Little Miss in many more stories
5) Cassettes: Check out the great selection of Books on Tape
6) Assorted Titles: Everything that doesn't fit in the other categories - includes a biography of Roger Hargreaves!
7) UNITED STATES: Check here for the U.S. store
8) GERMANY: And here is Germany's own shop

Make sure to visit these places when you are finished here!

Gift Store
Find some great Mr. Men & Little Miss collectibles for sale in here.
Mr. Men Museum
See a wide array of Mr. Men & Little Miss items - classic and new.
more fun places to visit
Mr. Men Home
Dave's Mr. Men & Little Miss Homepage
Mr. Men webring
Mr. Men and Little Miss site owners click here for info. on joining our webring.

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